Reference Projects

1st Klosterpforten Masters – Golf tournament
In June 2018, together with Hotel-Residence Klosterpforte, we hosted Klosterpforten Masters at the nearby Marienfeld Golf Club for the first time. Following the tournament, an evening event will be held on the grounds of Hotel-Residence Klosterpforte. The programme includes various side events, a presentation of the day’s pictures and the honouring of the tournament winners.
2nd Klosterpforten Masters 2019
For the second consecutive time, we hosted the second iteration of the Klosterpforten Masters in the summer of 2019, together with the Hotel-Residence Klosterpforte. This business golf tournament was a proven success just like in 2018 and the evening event was held in the newly build Klosterforum.
Agromais Football festival 2019
In May 2019 we hosted a football festival for our client Agromais GmbH at the Hotel-Residence Klosterpforte. Together with the 120 employees, we spent a sunny football day!
Team Alpecin
For our client Dr. Kurt Wolff, based in Bielefeld, we have been working in the world of cycling for several years now. As the main sponsor of the UCI World Tour Team Katusha-Alpecin until the end of last year, the company established itself many years ago in the cycling sector. For several years’ amateur cyclists […]
BCD Travel Germany GmbH – ElliptiGo ride, Golf beginners course, Casino night
In September 2017 we were able to host a supporting program for the customer BCD Travel Germany GmbH in the Hotel-Residence Klosterpforte. The supporting program consisted of an ElliptiGO ride, a golf trial course followed by a casino night and musical accompaniment by a DJ. The 40 guests were given the choice between an EllitpGO […]
Archery DEHA
    „Expect everything” is the motto of the outdoor archery facility in the nature reserve in Gütersloh. Together with a small group of conference guests we went to the woods in July 2019. The special thing here: 3-dimensional goals, hidden in the green. The high art of concentration and precision was brought closer to […]
Team olympics – Bosch Sicherheitssysteme – Montage und Service GmbH
For our customer, Bosch Sicherheitssysteme – Montage und Service GmbH, we were able to plan and implement the supporting program for 50 people in the Hotel-Residence Klosterpforte in January 2017. The customer opted for a 2.5-hour team rally with 6 stations: nailing a tree trunk, pedalo racing, darts tournament, driving license test, taboo and sensory […]
Brand KG – Federn Brand – Adventure Archery
During the adventure archery together with Brand KG in September 2015, the playful use of bows and arrows was learned and put on display in an extraordinary way. A great incentive event that could inspire the participants away from the conference room
Brridge building – Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung
In mid-October 2019, we were able to implement the “Bridge Building” team building module for Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung. The task: to build a bridge out of wood and ropes that the whole team can hold in the end.
Deutsche Post DHL Group – citizens’ information day
In November 2018, together with the DPDHL Group, we organized a citizens’ information day in the city hall in Germering for a planned new mail distribution center in Germering. At the individual information stands on the individual subject areas Architecture | Innovation, transport and jobs citizens were given the opportunity to find out about the […]
elektro Koopmann GmbH – Chain reaction
  Our most popular event module, the chain reaction, was again held in October 2018 with a customer from the energy and electrical engineering industry. The elektro Koopmann GmbH, who was a guest at the Hotel-Residence Klosterpforte, put together a perfect reaction of a chain reaction with about 50 people within 1.5 hours. With the […]
European SCM Services GmbH – Team olympics
For our customer, the European SCM Services GmbH, we organized a team Olympiad for around 70 people in the Hotel-Residence Klosterpforte. 6 stations were set up for the international guests: nailing a tree trunk, throwing cans, the hot wire XXL, goal wall shooting, extinguishing candles and a coin tossing challenge. Divided into 12 teams, the […]
Funk Versicherungsmakler GmbH – Curling
For the second time in 2018, we were able to organize a curling in spring for customers from the insurance industry. For almost 20 people, the two teams had to defeat the other teams in two different game modes on the two plastic ice stock rinks. Fun, games and communication were the focus of this […]
GEA Westfalia Separator Group GmbH – Football tournament
For our customer, GEA Westfalia Separator Group GmbH, we were able to host a football tournament on the soccer fields of the Hotel-Residence Klosterpforte in May 2017. The 70 guests were divided into several teams, which were allowed to compete against each other in a small tournament on the fields. The final game followed the […]
GOLDBECK GmbH – Chain reaction
  In April and May 2018, we were able to implement two grand chain reaction incentive events together with the Goldbeck company. The chain reaction is a team action in which the participants construct a domino effect from a wide variety of materials. A construction phase is allocated to each team. The aim is to […]