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what is needed.

There is one thing that every type of live event needs – painstaking preparation.
Everything needs to be just right the first time you make contact with your target group. Smooth processes are the be-all and end-all of good entertainment.
When a script is written in detail, staged in a surprising way and meticulously implemented, it creates the perfect symbiosis of entertainment and information.

From invitations and the search for an exceptional location, to the right performer and the perfect ambience, the scripts we write for you will create a world of experience.
Whatever message you want to convey – we provide the story to go with it.

Thanks to extensive preparation, professional and passionate commitment on the day of the event and the documentation, we make sure your guests are thrilled and have a fantastic time.

  • Invitation management
  • Location selection
  • Performers
  • Catering
  • Event technology & decoration
  • Documentation